• Sandra Ericson

Educational Resources

Updated: May 11, 2021

Starting with the Great Depression, check out Fundamentals of Home Economics by Jensen, Jensen and Zeller, printed in 1935! Written for middle school children. This was also a fundamental, generational economic answer to the poverty of the Depression, educate children in self-sufficiency. Excellent book for topics and know-how if a bit old-fashioned but covers it all and it's available as a PDF download from the Internet Archive, currently for free.

Also, from the Great Wisdom of the Great Depression comes Clara's Kitchen, with 96 year old Clara who tells you like it was and is now, with humor and good nutrition. She has Youtube videos too. Think Dandelion salad! For free!

Then jump to The Useful Book by Sharon and David Bowers, 2017, which is for adults and includes both basic Home Economics but also Shop, so it's the complete "stretch a dime" book for families or singles. It's literally everything that will keep your money from leaving home and you living well and sleeping at night. Any school or non-profit can use this, as a text for educational or training programs. Available here.