• Sandra Ericson

Guides for Guiding

Updated: May 11, 2021

The Guides below were developed for use by both individuals and non-profits that work with clients at or below poverty level, at risk of becoming homeless. They are for individuals, non-profit trainers, field workers with clients. During this time of pandemic hardship for so many, please distribute these broadly so that everyone can learn how to sustain their families, retain and execute their rights and build a new future. Helping people learn how to have a healthy family and avoid financial disaster is prevention in action. Since social workers are often teachers at the front lines of 'need to know', the Guides serve as quick-view, pocket references from which training classes or check lists may be developed to fit client circumstances. ​ There are currently four Guides. The Guides are free and may be accessed as a PDF or as a Booklet. For excellent financial guidance, please see the teaching materials, lesson plans and more at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's website and also the excellent online resources available at the Econ Lowdown, from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Volume 1

Building A Positive Mindset

Mindset Guide
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Volume 2

Making Healthy Meal Choices

Food and Nutrition
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Volume 3

Making Medical Decisions

Medical Decisions
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Volume 4

Home and Housing

Home and Housing
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Thank you to Dan Franklin, a friend and fellow believer in preventive thinking, who had a long career with Consumer Reports and worked on the financial aspects. And also, to Chris Pickering and her wonderful team at Catholic Community Services of Lane County for help in developing the Guides and to Tom Mulhern, who made the initial contact and is now Director of Food for Lane County.