• Sandra Ericson

Human Ecology Education

The chart below identifies the breadth of topics that must be taught to young people as they prepare for adult life. In 2020 we cannot rely on family folklore, social media, advertisers or trial and error. The room for error is vanishing and poverty and the loss of earning years is the result. Research in each of these areas proves that:

  1. Education works.

  2. Those who understand and take action are more successful.

  3. It is knowledge that is critical to living well, not a high income.

Looking at the direct social impacts of being well prepared for life, wouldn't you want your child and family to have these positive experiences? This is the knowledge that insures human resiliency in the face of disaster, financial downturn and natural disasters, like the pandemic we are experiencing right now.

Each area of learning has a financial cost or gain at stake, contributing to poverty: 

  • Poor health translates to medical bills and poor job performance.

  • Inability to make wise financial decisions leads to debt as does imprudent consumer purchases or susceptibility to fraud.

  • Misunderstanding rental leases or housing law leads to eviction and instability.

  • Appearing unprofessional for job interviews is a leading reason for not getting the job, as in "not a good fit". 

  • Not knowing how to be patient or perceptive in raising children leads to disruptive behavior, legal issues and broken families.