• Sandra Ericson

The Housing Issue

Maybe it's debt, maybe it's divorce, maybe it's loss of a job, the struggle is the same. Then "knowledge becomes the only power the powerless can access".

Today there is an incredible variety of homeless preventive housing options which are low-cost to build, to live in and to maintain; many have a long history in other developed countries.

The life stages of most people dictate that they will need such options when they start out as students or as young families. People will also need similar housing as they age and need to downsize. Many will also need less expensive housing if life events intervene, such as illness, disability or professional set-backs.

Not recognizing that these stages of life and their needs by both private and public authorities, combined with the continued pursuit of traditional single family housing for all will only cost society on multiple levels.

These housing resources are to acquaint readers with alternative possibilities and the thinking behind them.

Learning from other locations is a good thing; all people have common human needs.

With understanding of the design process comes respect for the design process to create fulfilling environments for everyone, regardless of income.